Day in the life of my calendar!

It’s good to have a job…

June  2010


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 2 3 4 5

Fly to Houston


Get up in Houston go visit stores with customer /promptly slip on some water in a store…..sit w/ ice on my  knee for 3 hours.  contemplate ownership of a grocery store.  Have dinner with a vendor and drink just a wee bit too much


Go to see Rachael Ray.  Thought she would be better but yawned alot cuz she is excessively boring when interviewed by someone who shouldn’t be interviewing.

Laugh hysterically at John Pinette, who was very funny and quite inspiring.


Get up WAY too early see George W Bush already left a video on my blog…few comments……

nuff said

9Went to bed at midnight, awakened at 2am by thunderstorms.Left my friends house at 5:30 to get to airport only to be delayed by copious amounts of mud by the side of the road. Call AAA wait for an unusual amount of time waiting for the storm to ease. Flight delayed/canceled, finally got to LAX 4pm only 7 hours later than originally planned.  Have dinner  w/vendor get less than 5 hrs sleep 10

Attend food show.  Nuff said

FINALLY get home about 144 hours later than what I really would have liked..


Sleep in until about 10am.Very tired  from working away from home the last freakin week.


Have a yard sale…sell lots’ of junk and delight in the fact our neighbors want it.  $$$


Watch it rain, and I don’t care one bit, finish my book, have a martini and Call. It. Good.


Start all over again.

Flag Day

15  Sales meeting 16 try to win lottery….again! 17 and  again! 18 and again! 19  and again!

2 thoughts on “Day in the life of my calendar!

  1. you’ve captured the manic/panic of a business trip! yeah, it’s cool to be on the road, somewhere different and interesting, but there’s work stuff. but you can drink and play. but it’s work…. (sigh). here’s to some downtime for you in july!

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