Small town stuff

If you look at the map closely you will see our recent route to and from my parents old homestead.  The first day’s drive was a business visit so that doesn’t count as anything other than a stopping point.  But it was fun to see some former co-workers and marvel at the fact they get up at 3:30 EVERY FREAKIN morning to prepare their business for the days sales.  These two great people left hard working jobs to start their own business where I’m positive they’ve never worked harder in their lives.  Hmmm, their choice, not mine!  This is the part where I state I’m way too lazy to work like that.

We drove east across Washington and then south through Idaho.  I hadn’t been that route in decades and it was surprising to see the growth, the lack of growth, lots of changes and hardly any changes…all along the same road.  Riggins was the biggest surprise.  We lived there when I was a tot.  Dad worked for Idaho Power at the time and he was working on a fish hatchery,  electric generating dam or some random power lines.  I’m not certain which one, but this I do know, I will find out via comments from one of the siblings.  I was too busy being a kid to pay attention to what my parents were doing.  I recall our house was very near the river as well as the road.  I wonder now what were my parents thinking when they rented a house about 11 inches from the river and 13 inches from the road with 6 children?  Sweet Husband asked me if we were ‘cautioned’ by our mom about playing in the river.  I said, “No, we were too busy in the front yard trying to get the big rigs to honk at us”.  Damn kids.

As we neared our destination I called my sister to see what she was doing.  We chit chatted about errands we were running and I promised I’d call again soon.  I talked with my nephew, ‘the boy’ who has been having health issues and urged him to get better….which I’m sure he will.    About an hour later we pulled into my sisters driveway, knocked on the door and asked if we could borrow a cup of sugar.  It was a fun surprise.   If you’re like us, it’s so hard to see everyone you want to see when you travel to where relatives and friends are.  We crammed as much as we could into our short stay and saw almost everyone on our list.  More time, we just need more time.

I have a confession to make.  I’m in love…again!  Sweet Husband and I stayed at the Hilton Gardens in Eagle and they have THE MOST AMAZING BEDS.  I know what you’re thinking…step out of the gutter.  This king size gem was so perfect I couldn’t feel the trashing around of my husband.  We both move around a lot in our sleep and we wake each other up…but not this time.  In fact when he got out of bed after our first night there, he thought that I was up already, because he hadn’t felt the bed move when I got up. but I wasn’t up I was still sleeping…at 7:45am, which I think is a world record for me.  We are researching these beds, but it will take the printing of our own money or winning the lottery before we can afford one, they start at $3500.  <heavy sigh>

All too soon time to come home was upon us.  I have to tell you some times we aren’t the smartest…usually one of us drives until we get tired then the other takes over. Sweet Husband suggested that  every two hours we switch drivers to ease the burden of driving.  It worked perfectly and it made BOTH of us happy.  We’re home now and puttering around the house and waiting for summer to get here, which should be sometime late next week.

I love the humor/moxie of small towns.  The guy mowing the lawn caught my attention as we drove by a court house in eastern Washington.  I’d bet that he didn’t pick out that outfit, but it looks cool and breezy for the summer, even for yard work.

7 thoughts on “Small town stuff

  1. Ah yes, Riggins. Dad was probably working on power lines or some sort. The fish hatchery was near Hailey, as I remember.
    Riggins, I liked going to highschool there very much. they had an ART class,which EHS did not. We did indeed play in the river, in the shallow bits and got wet a lot. There was NO television reception, so we played cards a lot. I got saddled with taking the kids to Vacation Bible School where someone thought I was kind of young to have that many children. Hmmmmmm.

    You may wish to save for that bed, could be a life saver.

  2. hilton has gotten it right with the beds. my first ‘bed love’ was the Starwood “Heavenly Bed”. same gig – you could buy one for about $4,000. i eventually made friends with a meeting planner for starwood and he told me it was simply a Simmons pillow top mattress, with the matching springs. i replicated the set up for FAR less money, and still adore my generic “heavenly” bed… keep doing the research! you can get one that works, for about 2/3 the price!

  3. Richard says here is the sibling comment you refered to. Dad did work on a fish hatchery on Rapid River. About 3 miles south of Riggins. He did not work for IP at that time, he worked for Rex Lanham. That was the job dad went to for Rex after the job in Susanville when we lived in Westwood. I was in the 8th grade at the time and I remember this very vividly, because that was when President Kennedy was shot. So for all you history buffs, I hope I set your minds as ease cuz it’s proof positive that when you get older, CRS is not always the case. Dad did work for IP at Hailey on a power line. Don’t know about a hatchery there. Later RB

  4. I remember my thumbelina dying and burying her in the funny pages of sunday paper. Also crossing the highway in between passing big rigs to climb the hill across from the house. I also remember getting my ass beat. No sense of adventure.

  5. Had a dream while living in Riggins that I can remember vividly to this day!. If you can recall we heard on occasion the cry of what we thought was a mountain lion, which scared the bejesus out of at least me. In said dream, Dad was leading a group of men into the mountain to track and kill the lion. When they came out of the mountains Dad was tied by his hands and feet to a long pole. Like in the old Tarzan movies. I remember waking up very scared and looking for Dad. Vivid memories!!!!

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