Cat Tales…again!

Judging from what you are about to view, you might think we have a very tolerant cat.  Nope.   She’s one pissed feline, but she’s on the mend. She had a large non cancerous mass removed, which also describes my pocketbook for said procedure.  I’m sure we will both recover.  She better, we’re down to one cat and it would make me very sad if she weren’t here to clean up after.

Sweet Daughter loves this kitty and in solidarity wears the same ‘Deterrent’ life ring.  In actuality they both look like they are ready for a boat ride or a long air flight across the world.

4 thoughts on “Cat Tales…again!

  1. Justin is also wearing a neck band in solidarity of the cruelties of life endured by the infirm. Actually I gave him a blue neck pillow to use. coincidence? I think not.

  2. Is there a kitty version of Tylenol 3?? Get well soon.

    I have a buckwheat hull filled neck ring for sleeping, works good.

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