Actual conversation

Me: as I’m reading an online story about the Running of the Bulls: ” Wow those Bulls have been busy this week.  2 people were gored and 5 others injured, in yesterday’s running alone.”

Sweet Husband:  “youch, I don’t know how that is different…gored and injured”  and then with a wistful look in his eye, he comments, “I would LOVE to Run with the Bulls”  and quickly adds, “but not today, because I’m busy”

Yeah me too!

2 thoughts on “Actual conversation

  1. Puts on pedantic smirk and sez “Gored” implies penetration of horn into part of the body.
    “Injured” implies some one was running in front of the bulls took another pull from their wine bag and fell down and hurt themselves. Both are injuries, however, one is more stupid than the other.

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