hello again

It seems we’ve been like this lately:

So I haven’t made a lot of time to do this:

But know this will continue to happen:

And now for the thought of the day.  One day Google or someweb equally smart will make it that when I copy an image and paste it into a search bar and press enter, that picture will be identified.  Scary?  I think not!  I’d also like  in Google or someweb equally smart, a search category for music, similar to what they have for news, web, images etc.  Google are you listening?  I’d also like a $hare for this amazing idea, not much just a few hundred thousand in small bills.

3 thoughts on “hello again

  1. Hear is a scary. I googled sister for addy to mail her something.
    She replied and when I saw the address I accidentally put mouse arrow over it and the little map opened up showing me where it was!
    THAT is a little scary.

  2. A lot of things about the Internet is scary. But my Smart Phone is making me feel stupid. Technology is making leaps and bounds. BTW, don’t forget to check out my new blog home withallthecrazy.blogspot.com

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