Is Scrabble a word in Scrabble?

Sweet Husband and I have been playing the random Scrabble games late into the hot summer nights, sometimes with neighbors, most times without.  We sit outside sipping our white wine/mojoito/margarita or martini,  until the sun goes away leaving us a dusky, still evening.  Sweet Husband won’t let me make up words as much as I beg and in spite of a great definition too.  That should count for something, don’t you think?   I’m always asking if we can shake it up and create  a variation of the game and see what happens.  Such as you can only spell capitals of South America. OR.  Phonetics seem to be my latest focus.  All words are spelled pho-ne-ti-cally for a round of Scrabble…it could be hilarious fun.  Fun and madcap hi jinx….for sure!  My Sweet Husband actually told me that I’m getting better at Scrabble….gee, it’s only taken 10 years to prove my strategic blocking and setting up skills to him.  I think it’s that I’m actually paying attention to the game.  As the sun dips into the west we light the tiki torches, the electric white lights strung on the patio are plugged in and we bring a lit kerosene lantern close into our game so we can see.  It’s the atmosphere as much as the game I love…and it’s summer that I really enjoy.

It’s the times outside or in, playing Scrabble or playing cards, failing miserably at Pictionary or standing tall at Pyramid that I will remember as I get older, not that I missed the upmteenth episode of “so you think I’m dancing with an American idol”

But me thinks this is what we really need.  We might need less light.

…as you were!

6 thoughts on “Is Scrabble a word in Scrabble?

  1. We play cribbage while we eat breakfast. Just have to remember to lick and dry fingers first before touching cards. Richard is a good teacher. He doesn’t get mad if I don’t add right, he helps me remember, and he is a good faker when I need to win a game. Such a Sweetheart.

  2. I have played a version of Scrabble where in the blank tile currently in play on the Scrabble board can be swapped out from any letter on the board to complete YOUR word, must use that letter same turn. But the letter you substitute the blank for must be completed in a real word, either as the original blank was intended or as a new word;
    WILE WILD e and d tiles substituted if also crossletter must make sense in the other direction as well. Try, it you might just like it! R

  3. I think you should do one only using profanity and slang!

    And hey, stop by and leave a comment…you’re not even on this year’s blog roll! Sheesh…

    • VE, that’s not really true. I’m on your blogroll with 19 comments, I simply haven’t been there for a while. Profanity and slang I like a lot!

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