Summer senses

I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, as I had been asked to do.  I waited patiently for what I hoped would be a nice surprise.  I felt the placement of something round on the end of my tongue.  I drew it into my mouth.   As I bit down on the mystery orb, the skin broke and the juiciness of the little tomato exploded in my mouth.  The tangy sweet home grown garden morsel was my first and most certainly not the last, taste of summer.  Later as I stood at the sink peeling the flesh from the peaches I was taken back to my Idaho summers where tomatoes, peaches, corn and very hot weather were a daily occurrence.

The weather here in Western Washington has been very hot, and I’m happy to confess…I like it. Well for a short while anyway.  It cracks me up though when people start to complain about the humidity.  I look at them while my hair lays limp and straight in the hot summer sun, knowing fully that if we were indeed in a place where there was measurable humidity that I would be giving Don King a run for his money in the hair category. But as we are often reminded, it’s all relative, oh and something about a ‘dry heat’.

We have resorted to all methods of trying to stay cool.  We have fans in every room that move the air around, even if it’s a warm air, it is moving.  We even opted for a good old fashioned water balloon scuffle.  I text-ed the photo below to Sweet Daughter while she was at work.  Her reply was “Cool, save me some”  My reply back was, “Oh, we’re saving them all for you, if you know what I mean”  And no I’m NOT an evil step mother.  We had a cool refreshing blast, we even got the dinner guests involved, an no one minded a bit.

Some people might call me a fusspot, but I did establish some ‘water balloon rules’ albeit loose rules. I guess they were more like moral guidelines.  The patios were off limits, as well as the inside of the house.  I know, what a killjoy, but we had fun anyway.  We actually did the kind of balloon toss where you pitch it high, catch and take one step back, or get drenched in the process.  I went through two drenched sundresses that day.  It was quite refreshing and good for the soul.  We have a few balloons left if you want to come over and take on the challenge.

All of these things I’ve been describing remind me of summers past, present and hopefully the future.  But this video takes me back to many many summers.  I love this sound and will always have one of these in my yard.  I hear they’re good for running through too.

4 thoughts on “Summer senses

  1. Vine ripened tomatoes are the best. I blogged about purchasing some weird peaches, they finally ripened and are divine. I remember going with Mom out to the end of the valley to pick Improved Elberta peaches on someones property. They were ripe and gorgeous. Juice runing down your chin kind of delicious.
    Also I recommend floating canals, duck for the bridges, take a big inner tube, have someone pick you up. I do not enjoy heat as much as I did as a child, I like the median temps 70 etc.

  2. when i coached summer softball for my son’s team, we had a wicked hot spell. that called for ‘water balloon batting practice’. much to my surprise, one of the little buggers managet to hit one and launch it back at me on the pitchers mound! but it was huge fun! you’re never too old for waterballoon fights!

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