sometimes I’m slow…

Cool, I just figured out how to put a slide-show on my blog.  Did you know that you have to read ALL the words when it comes to instructions?  sheesh!  Here’s a sample of a slide show from our kitchen remodel a couple of summers ago.  Oh, you’re gonna see more slide-shows in my future.  I like this feature.  Slide-show good!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last night I was at a cheese show and award ceremony sponsored by the American Cheese Society.  Yes, I get paid to eat cheese.  I know, what a life.  I bet you didn’t even know that cheese could be awarded prizes did you.  There are even people that go to college and become doctors of science in the cheese category.  That’s some serious shit, but somebody’s got to know how to make cheese and I guess going to college is as good as any method of learning.

The award ceremony lasted about an hour and then all 3500+ of the attendants were invited to taste these morsels.  That is if you could get to a table.  This photo was taken from a mezzanine level of Benaroya Hall, where the event was taking place.  It was wall to wall people and cheeses everywhere I looked.  But it wasn’t limited to cheese, there was wine and beer and crackers and olives…oh my it was a deli on steroids.  ~burp~

1 of at least 30 tables of cheese

So tonight when Sweet Husband asks Sweet Daughter and me what we’re doing, I tell him that we’re watching the Pre-Emmy’s.  I said it was sort of like last night’s event, but the cheese comes first followed by the  awards.   ba-dap-bump!   taptaptap…is this thing on?

6 thoughts on “sometimes I’m slow…

  1. Loved the slide show.

    Loved the cheese show. I have become very in love with
    Gruyere. I went to the English pronunciation website to listen
    to a very plummy voice say “Greeyer”. Anyhoo, I love
    take artisan bread, day old French, etc, slice, cut some Gruyere, spead mayo butter outside, toast in pan on side 4 minutes, flip, turn off pan, let site for four minutes and yummy! This is just the BEST! My friend who shops in a large box store will be on the lookout for my cheese, It is rarely available here. I wanna make some more toasted cheese sammy!

  2. i particularly like the ‘living room kitchen’ look. what was supposed to be a weekend of tearing up an old kitchen floor and putting down vinyl tile in my first house became a 3 month project – and we got kinda used to having the fridge in the living room! the end result looked nowhere near as nice as your new kitchen, though!

  3. Royce, if you have a costco or God forbid Sam’s club, they both sell gruyere in mega-chunks….it is quite yummy on french onion soup as well.

    Daisy, we had a BLAST re-creating the kitchen, I think we were really only torn apart for about 3 weeks. My husband and I work really well together, which means he isn’t a dick about anything.

  4. Nice slide show… we need to come see you, looks like lots of neat changes since last time we were there. Have you ever tried using the Movie Maker? I started playing around with it last winter, it is pretty darn cool. Thinking maybe that is what Mitch used to produce the Rocky Video’s.

    We love cheese… but not much of a selection in any of the stores in our area. Very recently a Cosco opened up between Sutherlin and Roseburg… we went there last week and ooh la la NICE selection of cheeses.

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