This will take just a second.

My Sweet Husband is a great fixer of all things.  His motto, I’ve stated previously is, “If man invented it, given enough time, I can figure out how to do it”.  I admire that trait in him and in fact it’s made me fairly lazy these past 10 years.  I used to hang pictures, and curtain rods.  I would ambitiously start projects that I had no business doing; like furniture refinishing, recovering furniture, or painting and stripping kitchen cabinets and even gardening. I’m the person who planted tomatoes in the shade of a very large tree and complained because I didn’t get any tomatoes.  (here’s a hint, tomatoes like LOTS of sun)    uh-hmmmm!  anyhoo, a few weeks ago while we were at my Sweet Mother in Laws house she asked him if he would fix the kitchen faucet because it was squeaking.

“Sure”, he said,  a quick little squirt of WD40 and this baby will be back in non-squeaky business.  We’d been planning on leaving to go out for lunch but he jumped in to make this quick fix.  The tinkering commenced.  Neither his mom or I were paying full attention to what he was doing until we hear, “Oh shit!”.  We look over to see the prettiest fountain rising up between his fingers and douching the whole kitchen.   In the tinkering, he loosened a thingy that made something pop off causing the pressure of the water to come jetting out.  Did you know that ones hands can not stop the water from coming out?  In addition uncontrolled water makes people run around like the keystone cops, because that’s what we looked like as sweet mother in law and myself were trying to figure out how to turn off the water.   We took turns diving under the sink to turn knobs, but it wasn’t working. Water always takes the quickest, meanest route, so it made its way down the end of the long counter creating the prettiest indoor waterfall, creating a lake on the linoleum floor for us to navigate.  It felt like this situation went on for some time, but in reality I don’t think it lasted 30 seconds.  At some point Sweet Husband yelled switch, and it was my turn to try to hold down the gusher while he looked for the shut off valve. Here’s an important note, we all knew where the shut off valve was, I just didn’t know that it was a pull/push mechanism instead of a turning one, but I do now.  All of a sudden with a resounding thud of the water stopping in the pipes, the gusher was silenced.  That’s when we started laughing.  I remember looking over at Sweet Mother in law’s dog who was sitting by the back door looking at us like we were crazy.  I know we looked crazy…we were all soaked and panting from the running around and laughter.

I’m so glad that my Sweet Husband has a great sense of humor and doesn’t get all tweaked about stuff like this, but more importantly I’m glad he got that demeanor from his mother.  Laughter is such an awesome way to deal with what could be a stressful situation.  We managed to clean up all the water by drenching every towel in the house.  And did you know that if cabinets are really well made that the drawers will hold up to 3 inches of water in addition to whatever else is in the drawer? That was a keen discovery.  The wet towels were deposited into the washer for a later load of laundry.    We were wandering around from the clean up when Sweet Husband stopped in mid stride, paused for a second, listening for something.  We looked at him wondering what he was doing.  He started walking toward the car so we could go to lunch.  We followed along behind listening to the sound of his squishy water logged shoes, that mingled with our laughter as we replayed the scenes in our heads.

All in all there was no harm done, except maybe our sore cheeks from laughing so hard.

Carry on.

This story was told with permission from my very Sweet Husband who still chuckles about this day.

4 thoughts on “This will take just a second.

  1. Congratulations! Would have been a far differrent story at my house.
    First of all there would have been much ignoring of squeak in the first place. Then the call to a plumber to come fix it for 90 bucks labor.

  2. Great story! Must say some projects can escalate. Mine do, anyways. Not sure where you found that plummer illustration, but it looks like that guy needed to seriously take a leak…

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