Things I’ve learned these last few weeks.

Before we get started I would like you to know that yes indeed those are pieces of fabric that I  scanned a couple of blogs ago.  These particular fabrics I purchased in a Hawaiian Fabric store in Captain Cook.  Aren’t they cool.  I have a certain love of these patterns.  I ‘heart’ them.

Now, on to the serious bidness of things I’ve learned these past few weeks.

1.  A cold, can and will last up to and beyond 4 weeks.  I’ve had this bastard sitting in my chest for almost 6 weeks now.  My doctor didn’t want to give me antibiotics until I could ‘cough up something green or yellow”.  Bitch, that’s the sign of death. Here’s my lung on a tissue, is that yellow enough for you?   But on the bright side, I have the sexiest voice I’ve ever had…downside-no good use for it.  😦

2.  People are weird and they don’t listen.  Ever.  At. Any. Time.  Especially when someone is reading the general rules and guidelines of jury duty.

3.  Lawyers are not taught the etiquette of how to handle a potential juror who has a cold and doesn’t have a voice or feel good enough to stay, yet is well enough that ‘they’ haven’t figured out ‘they’ should maybe send her home.  The lawyers just look around lost.  And then pathetically ask for sanitizer in the court room as he mumbles  ‘they never taught this in law school’, when handed back the contaminated microphone after being asked ‘why don’t you want to be juror’.

4.  People are weird, when it comes to how and why they ride the bus ‘downtown’ or anywhere else for that matter.  Nuff said.

5.  It feels good to be sent home from jury duty, but I always wonder why…since I’m called approximately every freakin 6 months.  You now have my permission to leave me the hell alone!

6.  Math and alcohol don’t really mix, especially when in a casino and you have a perceived amount of cash.  I’m not referring to me, I’m thinking about a couple of co-workers that thinks it’s beneficial to play roulette while downing copious amounts of gin and tonics…..yikes!  Come on 7!!!

7. It is possible to be butt dialed by random people in the middle  of the night, regardless of the ‘night’ and how long or short perceived night is.  It is also possible to ignore the ‘butt dial’ because your phone is still on ‘silence’ from the previous days pre-requested silent-ed activity.  This will also give you a free pass until Tuesday of the next week to answer the ‘butt dial’.

8. Cigars don’t equate to sexiness.  This is a personal observation from an overheard conversation where someone said, “I think women are sexy when they smoke cigars.”  It had nothing to do with Sweet Husband or myself, since we don’t smoke cigars yet do exude a super amount of sexiness.

9.  A corporate ‘retreat’ is anything but retreating.  Full speed ahead!

10.  I am anything but shy, when it comes to being in charge of games and the giving away of monetary prizes.  I kind of felt like a game show host. In fact I think I need my own TV show, a personal microphone and an endless supply of $$’s where I can ask random people random questions where they can win money if they answer correctly.  How fun would that be?

11.  I haven’t sneezed in 18 hours….that is a record for the past 6 weeks.

12.  Life goes on!

3 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned these last few weeks.

  1. I was on jury duty so much in Barrow that I actually saw the process evolve to a higher level. At first when the courtroom was full of potential jurors they called names just like in highschool. Because this was sooo time consuming, they finally left a roster in the foyer for people to check their name and they put THOSE names in the lotto number cage and went from there, probable cut 90 minutes of misery. Also the lawyers who practiced there were bright enough to eye the crowd and pick the stronger ones. Unfortunately the main pack could not leave until the entire and TWO alternates had been seated, THEN we could go home. Always bring a book to read, make it obvious that you are NOT paying attention. Oddly enough I think the judge really enjoyed the jury picking process. Meh…

  2. I have never in my life been called to jury duty while my husband has been called four times in two years. He is not happy about this fact.

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