Wow, that went fast!

2010 will be entered into the category as ‘lightening round’.  I think I say this every year, but this year has gone faster than any that I can remember.  I guess that’s what happens when busy is a way of life.

We have managed to slow down for a few hours tonight and be creative. Exhibit A

What I really wonder is why don’t cemeteries decorate for Halloween.  Wouldn’t that be cool to see ghosts hanging from trees and skeletons draped over tombstones?  I would even rent out the facilities for Halloween parties if I owned a Funeral Parlor.  I once watched a scary movie in the basement of a funeral home while I was in college.  One of my friends worked the night shift at the ‘parlor’.  I just realized that I never asked what that meant by working the night shift, I also just remembered that he actually lived there and rode his bike to campus. He eventually got fired from that job, but it wasn’t for hosting a party, letting us wander around the dead people or being overly loud.  It was actually the pot plant that he was ‘keeping for a friend’ that eventually got him fired.  He eventually went on to be a youth minister, all I can say is I would NEVER let him around any children I know.

But I digress, although that last part about a college friend was scary, there’s nothing like Halloween to bring out the ghoul in all of us.  so get your best costume and go trick or treatin, and have some fun!


4 thoughts on “Wow, that went fast!

  1. Very nice, I was trying to figure out the background sound, you don’t live near a busy highway, was that a Jet flying over head?

    I believe the cemeteries in Mexico are decorted for Day Of The Dead, but I’m not sure.

    We don’t get alot of ghosties on our block, no kids live here, and well we haven’t replaced the front porch light nor purchased candy.


  2. LOVE the skelly punkin! and i agree that cemeteries should do up the holiday! charging a fee for parties/visitors would offset some of the landscaping costs, too!

  3. Those pumpkins are great!! And I think the problem with decorating cemeteries for Halloween (which I agree is a fabulous idea) is there will always be some people screaming about how we are desecrating sacred ground.

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