Introducing…Jerin and Eff!

The first time we saw Erin, she had a broom in her hands and was on her roof sweeping off the pine needles.   Sweet Husband and I look at each other and say,   “I think we’re going to like our new neighbor”.   That was 8 years ago.  Erin’s house had been for sale less than 3 weeks when we moved into ours. She snatched this cute little house up and moved into her house 2 months after we moved in and as they say, the rest is history.  Erin has the energy of mountain goats, rowers and a college football team all rolled into one.  She rides her bike, does hot yoga, mows her lawn while wearing a skirt and climbs Mt Si all in the same weekend.  She works in the fishing industry and has to put up with the variety of crap she gets from the would be fishermen, which makes her character very strong.

I’ve already told you about the first time we met Jeff.  We went golfing with the neighbor and her friend and now 18months later they are married.  These are the kinds of people we like to hang with, they are genuine, funny, loving and pretty damned easy going.  Jeff is a 1st mate on a boat and was the leading force in saving a burning fishing boat in 2008, so his character is strong as well.

Needless to say, they really do adore each other.  It was a fairy tale wedding, it was beautiful, they looked beautiful and we all had a blast.  Two things I’d like to point out….it’s good to have a daughter that can drive us home  ‘just in case’ we may have celebrated a little too much.



Secondly, we had ALMOST as much fun as another wedding that we went too, about 10 years ago. How many of you remember that EPIC wonderful wedding?


We really do like our weddings….they’re fun, and it’s generally the best party. Plus it shows the neighbors that we really do have something other than jeans and sweats in our wardrobe.  I guess we clean up pretty well.


Plus if we play it right, we get to dance in the anniversary dance, and/or dance all night.  Here’s a fun fact, I didn’t know until our vows were said that my Sweet Husband doesn’t even like to dance…..  However he did promise me that he would dance with me at any wedding we weren’t working at.  🙂


SIDEBAR:  The title of this post is how my Sweet Husband pronounced their names during a very well thought out toast.  I think it will stick, as one of the groomsmen  said they’d been calling him “Eff” for years.

3 thoughts on “Introducing…Jerin and Eff!

  1. Looks like a fabulous time and two fabulous couples (as well as a fabulous daughter too!) I love weddings. Wish I could go to more of them.

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