That’s more like it!


Presenting the 2010 version: Family Christmas tree.  Not bad I’d say.  Hmmm, as I look at it from this photo angle, it kinda looks like its leaning to the right. I think we’re safe from harm.   We usually have the tree set up in the window, but in the spirit of ‘shakin things up’ we opted to place the tree in the corner.  It’s actually quite nice, as we didn’t have to move but two pieces of furniture. AND,there’s plenty of room for presents.


A couple of years ago, on a night that the attic barfed up Christmas, and the house was all Christmastized, we set down to enjoy our holiday spectacle .  We had a beautiful well adorned tree with all of our handpicked ornaments strategically placed.  The tree truly was gorgeous.  We had sparkles in all the right places, and twinkles where we couldn’t fit in sparkles.  One of my favorite things to do is sit in the dark with the Christmas lights on and take off my glasses or take out my contacts, bringing blurry to a new level.  It’s so pretty…all the naturally soft muted lights. Try it, it’s really pretty.  It’s probably the only time that I’m ok with my shitty eyesight.  On this particular night feeling all smug with our decorating abilities, we said our goodnights, heading off to dreamland.

About 2 hours into night-night, we were awoken by a thunderous crash.  We all came flying into the living room to see that the tree had fallen over, scattering broken debris all across the floor.  Sweet Daughter and I started crying because of the obvious loss of some of our most cherished ornaments.  Taking the practical side, Sweet Husband urged us to go to bed and we would clean up in the morning.  But me, being the fusspot that I am, said “No we can’t, there’s water everywhere and it will ruin the wood floors.”

We went to work mopping up water, saying goodbye to the pieces of silver and gold crushed in the impact. It’s as if the Grinch had slithered in with a hammer and attacked the tree leaving  carnage of broken snowmen, and shiny bulbs everywhere.  Sweet Husband uprighted the tree as the mess was cleaned up, securing the tree holder with a few extra turns of the pegs that held the trunk in place. We were a sad little group.

Finishing up we headed toward bed again, with visions of dead sugar plums dancing in our collective heads.  I don’t think we had moved 4 feet when we heard the tree sliding down the wall.  No ornaments were harmed this time, but the tree was weary and I think we just left it there until morning.  Frankly, I blocked that part out.  All we can figure is that gravity is extra strong in that corner of the house and we’re now very careful what we put there.

Yeah I know it’s just a Christmas tree and ornaments and in the whole scheme of things it really doesn’t matter. But with all of that said it may have been the year we decided to go out to buy a new ornament every year.  Perhaps gravity and retail purchases are somehow related.




2 thoughts on “That’s more like it!

  1. very pretty! i had one tree crash – back when the kids were small, and i had yet to attempt glass ornaments, one of my dogs stood up underneath the tree and sent it toppling.

    now? i typically leave it up without glass for a couple days to check stability, then add the breakables later…

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