WOW! Who knew?

A while back Sweet Husband and I had been discussing our various travels and I say to him, ” I can’t believe in our almost 10 years of marriage, that we haven’t been to Europe together.”  To which he stated, “Well let’s count up the places that we have been and I think we’ll find out that we’ve been kind of busy going other places”.  We had both traveled to Europe in our ‘before’ lives and we have always wanted to go back .  That trip is on our short list, but you never know how things are going to pan out.  However, before I go any further let me clarify something….we are not wealthy people in terms of money.  We have one child and she is almost fully grown and does not require a huge amount of our income.  We live in a modest home which is 99.9% remodeled to our specifications, so not a lot of additional cash will be socked into the house.  We will however need a new roof soon and I would be in favor of posting a big ol’ advertising sign on the corner in exchange for said new roof (do you hear me roofing companies of Seattle?)

“The Google” has this cool feature where I can make my own map.  So being a nerd in training,  I decided to make one listing many but not all of the places we’ve been since 2000.  Click on the picture below to check out our trips of the past 10 years.  You might even find that we’ve been to your home. If I missed you, let me know, I have a few pins left that I can place, Google only lets us have 50 pins and this maps has used upwards of 40+ pins.

The amazing thing about this whole process is really how many places we’ve been able to go.  The World really is a small place and traveling makes it even smaller.  I’ll make another map of our European travels, I didn’t have enough pins left for those trips.

In the mean time have a SAFE and joyous New Years Eve celebration or if you are my sister…..Happy Gale’s Birthday to us all.


View Ten years of travel 2001-2010 in a larger map

3 thoughts on “WOW! Who knew?

  1. Yes you need to beef up that european list because I can’t cover all of the places by myself. That said, you still haven’t been to Kauai yet? It would be a riot if we could both meet up there the next time I fly back home….whenever that will be. Happy New Year!

  2. We have a big trip planned for our ten year anniversary. Started saving for it already even though it doesn’t happen until 2013. England, Ireland and Italy in a month trip. I can’t wait!

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