Super Bowel Sunday

I heard a few statistics the other day, one being that the average number of people at a Superbowl party is 18.  The average calorie consumption per person is 1850-4000 calories and the most eaten foods are buffalo wings coming in at a whopping 450 million pounds nationally and don’t forget the blue cheese sauce for dipping.  In the pizza category there are over 30 million pizza’s consumed making Superbowl Sunday the biggest day for pizza delivery in the US with halftime delivery nearly non existent.  I’d say if you haven’t thought about a pie prior to the game then you may want to turn your attention to some nachos or the chicken wings, cuz pizza delivery won’t happen for you.  The grocery store might have some pizza left but this is the biggest increase in sales for pizza there as well.

By this time America has grown thirsty and will want something to wash all the tasty tasty food down. Representing one of the liquid categories is the ever present beer with an impressive 49.5 million cases of beer consumed.  My bet is that most of the beer is not even good beer, but I digress.  A staggering $275 million in sales of soda pop happens for Superbowl Sunday. Less we forget those finger foods there are 15 tons of chips and 4 tons of popcorn consumed nationally on Superbowl Sunday. So it’s no wonder the convenience store 7-11, claims a 26% increase in antacid sales. And did you know that 6% of the working population will call in sick on the Monday after Superbowl?

What I noticed in this statistical foray was the obvious absence of chocolate or anything like dessert.  I googled Superbowl Sundae and came up with a grilled pineapple boat for ice cream…sounds yummy. Maybe after all the other stuff is consumed there’s just no room for dessert.  That’s how I feel after watching the Superbowl, that I couldn’t possibly watch anymore TV so I find it curious that some showed is hyped for ‘after’ the Superbowl.  Perhaps all of America is coming down from the caloric and alcohol high so they can’t drive home and will need something to pass the time.  Which is not a bad idea because DUI enforcement and police stops are elevated to record levels for right after the big game to catch drunk drivers

So with all of that said, go get into your best stretchy pants that you don’t mind wearing in public and settle in for the game. Our party of 3 will be very low key, with perhaps a plate of nachos shared amongst us, accompanied with some margaritas…if I had some tequila.  And today…we are Packer Fans!


5 thoughts on “Super Bowel Sunday

  1. my superbowl party? two people, one dog, one cat. plate of chicken/bacon nachos. brie with raspberry walnut sauce. dessert? ice cream with alcohol-infused whipped cream. and beer.


    oh, and my mate for the game? born and raised in Pittsburgh.

    (double uuuuuurp)

  2. Channel set for Default on Fox. Missed most of the commercials. Viewed the half-time show (Black eyed peas singing?) and the rest of the time I watched preview on TV Guide for Survivor Redemption Island, Boston Rob and Evil Russell are baaaaack.
    Also watched Worst Cooks In America face their fears food wise. I would not have done half so well facing my fears of calf brains and eggplant dishes. Urp.
    I didn’t care who won but there were some very fine plays going on out there.

  3. Great Superbowl stats and commentary! I recently talked with some friends from Argentina. Soccer is so big there and in other places around the world that many towns shut down (no work) to watch their home team compete. If you’re not a sports fan it must seem crazy. Love those Packers! They made me proud : – )

  4. I read a fascinating piece on Chinese New Year celebrations are big in. LAS VEGAS.
    Yep, it is like an 8 day celebration, eating, gambling, lion dances etc. Sounds like fun!!

  5. Chinese New Year is huge here. The casinos go all out. It’s a big draw for foreign spenders.

    I love Super Bowl (two words please, that’s the TV grammar bitch in me coming out) parties. No matter what teams are playing they are always fun. But I admit, if my Patriots are not on the field I watch the commercials more. 🙂

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