Nosing Around


Make mine a Scotty

Actual conversation in 2000:

Sweet Boyfriend,  while poking around in my liquor cabinet.  “Hey why do you have tape on your bottle of Triple Sec?”

Me, “That’s so it wouldn’t spill when I packed to move.”’

SB, “You moved…when?”

Me, “When I moved back to Washington from Ohio in 1996”

SB, “You do know it’s the year 2000 and this bottle is still over half full, don’t you?

They are amber,with shades of caramel or brown with smokey overtones. Their regions are vast and rocky with ancient earth secrets that wield hints of petrol, floral  and vanilla.  Their lives are short in comparison to ours, and their youth is evident in the nose and as they travel down the gullet. A 3 year old can be sharp, a 16 year old could be smooth and round, with a strong finish.  I hear the words; maturation, mash, smokey, triple distilled, harsh, peaty, woody, robust, and neutral.  I smell campfire.

They have names that are as odd to my tongue, as their tastes are odd to my palette.  Auchentoshan, Edradour, Scapa, Macallan, Glenroths, Balblair and Laphroaig are only a few of the Scotch Whiskies that were tasted on Saturday evening, when we gathered with some friends to have a Whisky Nosing.  I learned that nosing is the professional term, as most testers don’t actually taste, they simply use their nose for the process.  It seems the nose is much more capable of the subtleties of the whisky, than the mouth.  But between you and me, there was plenty of tasting at this soiree’.

This event was quite the undertaking as everyone was asked to bring their favorite Whiskies to share. Systematically each  entry was nosed, swirled, tasted, critiqued and graded to their individual tastes, by the jury of 8.  I am not a connoisseur of Scotch Whisky, but my Sweet Husband is becoming one.  We had over 20 varieties of Scotch Whiskies in front of us and rest assured not all of them were drunk.   The verdict and clear winner of this evening ? None,  it was a hung jury, if you will.  This was really a good excuse to get together to cloud drinking behind a mask of science and study.  We win!

We had a lovely time with great friends and met some new friends as well.  The food was AWESOME, the drinks were plentiful, the conversation was varied and funny as always.  Our cabinet is now full of new things to sip, accompanied by a the list that is long on choices to fill the voids that will most definitely  come up.

Next up for an evening of tasting:  olive oil.

8 thoughts on “Nosing Around

  1. It all tastes like kerosene to me. Yeach.

    However, I would LOVE an olive oil tasting, don’t forget the roasted garlic, french bread and aged balsamic vinegar. Yummy!!

  2. Wonderfully described!!! The Jury is still out and about ready for another case study! Olive Oil is a fine option. Better check with Popeye before tasting ; – )

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