Nerd Confirmation

I had a Birthday on Saturday.  Yay, me!  The weather was enormously crappy and since we couldn’t be in Hawaii we decided to go Hawaiian Style to spite the weather.  Sweet Daughter met us at Kona Kitchen for Breakfast, where I had loco moco.  We then travelled a few blocks south and went to The Hawaiian General store for a little bit of ‘aloha’.

After that we came home, dinked around the house for a while then headed out for Kirkland to the Tiki Bar&Grill.  What a bust, don’t waste your time going there.  Our first clue was when the Bartender asked me how I like my Mai Tai’s.  Um on the rocks with lot’s of rum?  This bar has as much Tiki as the army has salvation.  But being the planners that are, we had a plan B. Plan B was: if by chance the tiki bar was a crappy place we’d walk on over to “21”, where we would slurp down a martini.  After that we would then head for home to take on the challenge of a mean game of Scrabble.  We’ll don’t ya know “21” was closed so we ended up going to the Irish pub we had just walked past and stayed for dinner at the bar.  We got our St Patty’s day celebration behind us, so no need to go out again on the 17th. You can keep your crappy green beer.

All in all it was a great weekend, the photo with the ginormous balloon is from the card my Sweet Husband gave me.  And he’s right, we would be so BAD at holding the balloons…

Our amazing neighbor decorated this cake for my birthday.  She’s been learning how to decorate and I’d say she’s doing a fine job. It was quite tasty and I wish it would go away now.

yummy yummy

But the topper for the day was a gift from my Sweet Husband that confirmed that I indeed wear the badge of Nerd-dom.  He gave me a telescope and I couldn’t be happier.  We’ll I will be happier once I can use it, it’s still raining and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

things to look at the neighbors with...

6 thoughts on “Nerd Confirmation

  1. Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like you didn’t let anyone rain on your parade (even mother nature). Great card! The telescope looks Awesome! Enjoy!

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