I recently had to get a new cell for work. The product selected for me is an iPhone. Upon it’s arrival I stopped into an Apple store to get some instruction, as I don’t find the phones particularly intuitive. When approached, the ‘sales person’ was unwilling to help me as the phone was purchased via Verizon. I was, however, offered the weekly class which was one night a week, and that was last night. Gee thanks, that is helpful. All I wanted to do was be shown how to listen to voicemail…no. “You’ll have to sign up for a class”. Really? I politely said no thank you and left frustrated.

It seems the customer service geeks aren’t very intuitive either. In any case below is an example of the photo capabilities. Yup, that is salmon for dinner. And yes, I’m posting this from my phone. I have figured out some things.

Carla Ecland Sent from my iPhone

4 thoughts on “Huh!

  1. You are light years ahead of me, My phone does not take pictures, it only exists for me to call the taxi or towing company if I break down somewhere. You can download the Kindle app woo hoo!

    Um, is that salmon the appetizer? Looks kinda small but delish!

  2. Just an idea but if there is an online video for how to make Gorgonzola sauce, mightn’t there be a video ‘splainin’ the Iphone? Or you could post one for beginners.

  3. The good news is that you have a ‘techie’ friend who also has an iPhone. I’m more than happy to help and would probably do a better job than others you might encounter. If you have free long distance to Canada, give me a shout 403-247-8190 in the evenings or weekends and I’ll see if I can help.

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