Park Visitation

In spite of our hideous weather, Sweet Husband and I have been exploring the many parks in our area.  Several years ago when my mom and dad came to visit we were out driving around and my dad mentioned that he wouldn’t mind trying to find Fort Lawton.  Something must have triggered a memory because although I’d never been in that particular area before, we were less than a mile away.  Dad had been stationed at Fort Lawton during WWll and he wanted to see how much it had changed.  You might be asking what does our park walks and my dads memories have to do with one another.  One of the parks that we walked in last week is called Discovery Park and Fort Lawton is nestled right in the center of this park. Discovery Park is the largest park in Seattle and the property was given to the city in 1973 by the US Army.  The battle about what to do with the acreage continues on in the court system, tying up our precious city taxes and the property itself. In the meantime, there are almost 12 miles of trails to hike through. These trails consist of a lot of up and down, so we were fairly winded with our out of shape middle aged bodies.We made our way to the bluff that overlooks the Puget Sound.

Another park that we love to visit is Gasworks park.  We hadn’t been there for a while and we went to reminise about one of our first dates.  We came here for a picnic lunch and to fly kites on our second date.  I know, isn’t that sweet?   If you ever come to visit us, this is one of our “Seattle Destinations” on the many that we are required to drag visitors to.

The view of Seattle doesn’t get much better than this.  The view is so awesome that on the 4th of July this is where some 250,000 people come to watch fireworks.  Remember that movie “The Birds”?  Remember the scene when Tippi Hedron comes out in to the school yard and there are birds everywhere?  Tippi knew that if she startled them, it would be her demise.

Now let’s put that same image onto the rolling hillsides of Gasworks park. Picture this,  it’s a sunny day and people are pouring into the park to get their best vantage point for Firework viewing.  Families have their picnic unpacked on the blanket that is claiming their territory. All day long, as soon as the gates are opened, people keep coming in until as far as you can see there is a sea of people.  Sweet Husband and I walked around on the paths the one and only time we went downtown for Fireworks, and frankly it was creepy.  I didn’t want to ‘spook’ anyone for fear of a stampede. A giant inflatable Ms Liberty head graces the top of the hill to remind us of why we ‘blow things up for America’.

When we’re not walking in parks, we’re walking in our neighborhood.  But that’s boring and not very photo worthy.  But where we walked on Saturday, between rain showers, there were lots of photo ops.

I don’t have a dog, but if I did and I needed a place to let him run free, this is the place I’d take him.  At what once used to be Naval Station Puget Sound, is now a park called, Magnuson Park.  Within this 350+ acre park, not only is there an off leash park, there are several soccer fields, softball fields, lacrosse, boating, a sandy beach and many miles of trails.  Adjacent to the Magnuson Park is NOAA, where you will find the Sound Garden exhibit.  A local grunge band liked the Sound Garden so much, they adopted that as their name.

The weather has been iffy for quite some time so we take our opportunities when they are presented.  We don’t have to drive very far to this park and the walk was very pleasant.  You can see that the day was still grey and marginal at best, but we made it count.

As we were headed back to the car, a sound caught my attention.  I turned to see that the sound was a teeny little suit case being pulled by a teeny little person.  I don’t know where they were going or what they were doing, but it seemed they going prepared.

3 thoughts on “Park Visitation

  1. Daddy is making toddler drag along the diapers and/or lunch. Hmph!
    Looks like lovely walking weather. No reason to get a dog, they just drag you everywhere, borrow Cola from Gale until that doggy feeling goes away. Nice post. Love Me.

  2. To watch Ms. Liberty’s head roll down Gasworks hill would be something. You were brave to get in that massive crowd.

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