Not so nice cushion!

When we sit outside on the nice days, we have nice cushions for our nice chairs, to rest our nice bums. On the occasional (snicker) days that we have less than stellar weather, we stow the cushions under a large table, to keep the rain away and we stay inside.



Imagine my surprise and bewilderment yesterday; when I spotted this cushion lying on the patio, in the early stages of destruction. I have to tell you at first it gave me a start. All I could think about was a renegade pack of zombie dogs running wild in the neighborhood noshing on random chair cushions. What or who was the next victim?

Or…it could have been a squirrel.

4 thoughts on “Not so nice cushion!

  1. Since I spy with my little eye distinct tooth marks I am betting a scent hound of some kind chewed on some delicous bum smelling seat cushions. Either that or the animal wanted that flamingo print!

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