Cheesy Post

Yesterday was my turn to work our annual booth at the Seattle Cheese Festival.  We were stationed directly under the “Public Market” sign as shown in yesterdays post.  The photo that I’m posting today is from inside the safety of our booth.

Please take note toward the top of the photo the mass of people surrounding the booth…it’s almost as frigtening as going to Gasworks Park for 4th of July.  The weather was windy but not cold….today as I look outside from the comfort of my office I see rain, rain and more rain.  From what I’ve heard the rain does not change the amount of people grubbing for cheese. Yikes, I hope they stay warm, because staying dry doesn’t seem to be in the forecast.

9 thoughts on “Cheesy Post

  1. I am stunned, there are THAT many people in Seattle celebrating cheese!?!?! Wonder how well all the pick pockets do? Enjoy! Market is going upscale here in Coquille, I did notice Greek Yogurt on the shelves in McKays! What next!?

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