The Happiest Place on Earth

Hell yes I am still alive.  I’ve been up to my eyeballs in computer so I haven’t wanted to write. In addition to no new news, I haven’t had anything interesting to write about.  Everything that’s going on in my life right now is super top secret so I’d have to kill you if I shared too much. And telling you would take up all my frequent flyer miles hunting you all down for the maiming.  Plus I’m not so much about the killing, as I am about staying out of jail and being someone’s bitch.  You get the polaroid.

As you can tell from the photo above, my Sweet Husband and I were at Disneyland.  Maybe you can’t tell because the photo is not actually us, it’s a cute couple that we met while there. The didn’t talk much and they acted like they owned the joint.  Sheesh, some peoples children…

As usual every June I go to some random city in the US to attend essentially the same convention that I’ve attend the previous 20 or so Junes.  The convention has grown quite a lot and expanded over the years, but meh…it’s the same.  This year the convention was in Anaheim so I kidnapped my Sweet husband so he could spend his free time running from fast pass to fast pass on all the rides between Disneyland and California Adventure, while I strolled the aisles of a food show.  Who do you think had more fun?

While you ponder that, here are some random, made up and unconfirmed facts regarding Disneyland:

Baby strollers outnumber park guest 3 to 1

All calories consumed while at Disney theme parks are null and void.

The tingling you feel in your arms while rowing the Canoe around Pirates Island is a form of “Disney Magic”.

The Enchanted Tiki Room would be over the top cool if it weren’t for the annoying singing birds.

Try to plan your visit to coincide with TWO really large events, such as a new parade one day and a new ride another day.  You’ll thank yourself later…

Disney theme parks are license to wear hats….all…sorts….of….hats.

That sting you feel in your wallet for the price of admission is yet another form of “Disney Magic”.

Even though some babies looked like they are new enough to be born at Disneyland, there is no actual ‘birthing room’.

You can get the “It’s A Small World After All” song stuck in your head by simply entering the park.  And, it won’t leave when you do.

“My Retina will detach” is a pretty good excuse to avoid going on the “Tower of Terror”.  However, it’s not a good thing to scream while on “California Screamin”.

The goal of this trip was of course, to accomplish all the work related agendas, get some sun, have some fun and to not gain any weight from all the overeating and work related meal functions.   I am proud to say our mischief was managed in every way.  And as they say, “a good time was had by all.”

'serious' good time at Disneyland or as Chris says: "ah, the power of cheese!"

BREAKING NEWS; Sweet Daughter got accepted into the University of Washington as a transfer student.  We are so HAPPY!  She called us while we were on the garden tour yesterday.

Cell phone ringing. I look at my cell and see a call coming from Sweet Daughters other house.

ME:  Hello?

She:  Guess what?

Me:  You’re phone broke?  ( I say this cuz she RARELY calls from a land line)

She:  Nope. I got beat up?

ME frantically: YOU GOT WHAT?

She:  I got into U Dub!

ME:  OH MY GAWD, THAT’S AWESOME!!!.  Here, I say as I push the phone toward her father. Tears spring to my eyes with happiness and relief.

My initial wave of relief was when I realized she had NOT been beat up!   But most importantly she GOT IN!

Recently broadcast news about UW accepting students was not looking good for ‘the local’s.  It seems the school wants the out-of-staters who will pay a higher tuition, meaning more money in their collegiate pockets.  So all she’s heard these past several weeks is all the gloom and doom from all of her friends about not getting in…..HA HA HA on them.  She’s IN!!!!  I say rub it in girlie.

4 thoughts on “The Happiest Place on Earth

  1. congrats to the daughter unit! and it sounds as though you made the best of the “Meh”…. going to Disneyland is still on my ‘to do’ list… i think it will be a lot more fun without small children!

  2. I need to go to Disneyland. My husband has never been to a Disney park and we get free tickets once a year through my work. So there really is no need NOT to go.

    Yay for Sweet Daughter!!! That is very exciting.

  3. Great News – Congrats! Must be thrilled she is not going to some east coast collage! My boys are going to Disneyland in August and are very excited! May need some ride recommendations from your big boy.

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