7 thoughts on “Hike

  1. Um, is that still in Washington State? Be on the look out for Grizzlies, one was spotted in WA. Ring bells, sing loud, do not surprise the bears! They get grumpy.

  2. The bears would never have come on this hike, there were so many people starting their hike when we were coming down. Mitch said the lines were reminiscent of Disneyland.

  3. Hi, it has been so long since you have posted a blog that I thought you guys had sold the house and had moved to the big island. So can I have your new addy? Snark! My acid free box and acid free paper have arrived. I shall bring with when I drive up August 8, which is a Monday. It will take me 8 hours, more if figuring in the pit stops. I have to make myself driving directions. What was that exit again 145? Love me

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