30 days of something!

I was reading one of my usual blogs about a month ago that directed me to a video on TED.  This particular Ted talk is urging the watcher to try something new or different for 30 days.  Whether it’s a big huge momentous change or a small sustainable change, like the speaker says, the 30 days are going to go by anyway, regardless of what we do.

Sweet Husband was very quick on his decision….but me?  Not so much.  Lose weight?….already on that one.  Stop (put off for a while) drinking?….already on that one.  Bike to work?….I work from home, that would be a short trip, plus I don’t own a bike.   Exercise?…..already on that one.   Eat less sugar?….already on that one.  It seemed that whatever I thought of to take on, I was already doing.  My recent actions were already running along the line of self improvement.  I suppose there are other things I could be doing but I couldn’t think of any.  Hmmm, my creative juices have slowed down a bit lately.  Ooooo, there’s a challenge, become more creative in 30 days…zzzzzzzz.

When Sweet Husband told me what he was going to do, it prompted me to decide that I would take one of his skill sets and practice it as if it were mine. My challenge was to photograph Sweet Husband everyday for 30 days doing his challenge.  Sweet Husbands 30 day challenge, he told me very confidently, was to do 50 sit ups a day for 30 days. I wasn’t being mean when I told him I wanted to chronicle his endeavor just so he’d stick to it, no I’m lame and couldn’t think of anything more interesting. I’m not saying he is uninteresting….uh, er…you know, whatever.  Anyway, my lameness quickly turned into just random shots of him one time during the day.  I guess we know who had the better abs after 30 days.

With my Sweet Husband’s permission…my almost 30 photos of him.  Almost 30, you ask, I told you I was lame? Yeah I’m not a very good photographer, and it will take more than 30 days to make that happen.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



6 thoughts on “30 days of something!

  1. I really like the introspective shots. Y’know the one where he is saying, “This better not show up on U-tube”. (evil smirk).

  2. WONDERFUL idea, and very well executed! A day in the life (with or without crunches) for 30 days! He is a patient man… and the abs are lookin’ mighty fine!

  3. Loved the slide show Carla. I laughed at a few of those shots of Mitch, could have been your brothers ‘give it a rest’ look.

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