It’s Alarming!


I have been gifted with the ability to wake up early without the aid of an alarm clock.  I can usually rouse myself with no problem, but on occasion I’ll set an alarm as a safety net so I don’t oversleep for an important event.  At the other end of the day, when I go to bed, I usually have to have some ambient noise to lull me into my dreams.  The unit that I had been using for several years, bit the dust not to long ago and my nights were wrought with no noise at all.  I poked around on the internet and found a combination alarm clock/sound soother from Sharper Image.  It now sits on my night stand and beams me with a not quite soft enough white light and soothing sounds all through the night.  Last night as I went to bed I was fussing around with both of the alarms and I guess I accidentally activated the 5am alarm.

Right on cue at 5am the ambient noise changes to the sound of birds chirping….yup, birds chirping.  In my bedroom.  Well they did their job, they woke me up.  Immediately awake, Sweet Husband I start discussing the more obnoxious choices I could have selected for waking up.

“Was that a bird? As your alarm clock?”  he asks because he’s already been awake for a half hour.

Groggily I reply, “Yeah I guess. Sorry, I must have accidentally turned it on last night when I was fiddling around.  I guess the birds are far better than the Freight Train, the City Sounds or the rainstorm.  The rainstorm would just confuse me and make me want to stay in bed.  It could have been one lone bird crying out in an echo-y jungle.   ah-ahhh-ah-ahhh”

Perhaps it’s not really what a pterodactyl might sound like, but at this points it’s all improv.  The sounds that are obviously absent from my ‘soothing’ sounds are dogs barking, donkey’s braying, baby crying and the banging of a garbage truck dumping.  But I’m sure there’s one of those alarm clocks somewhere if I looked for it.

The unfortunate thing is I didn’t realize that it was actually 5am.  I turned off the alarm, but didn’t actually look at the time  until I went to get coffee.  The clock in the kitchen stated it was 5:19am.  WTF???  I knew I should have listened to my body when it wanted to remain in the cozy confines of my flannel sheeted king size bed.  But alas I was awake and so here we are…on a Friday, which as most of us know…is a good thing.  Carry on.


8 thoughts on “It’s Alarming!

  1. i have been tempted by that Sharper Image thing… love the idea of the gradual light/birds chirping to wake me up. much better than screeching alarms (i have to set two), combined with animals licking my head…

  2. I rely on my bladder alarm mostly, very accurate, not noisy at all.
    I have been setting the alarm for 5 am so I can get towork EARLY ENOUGH TO GET A LEGAL PARKING SPOT!! Once we move to the new facility parking will be much better,unless there is an up tick in bidness and that ain’t a bad thang.

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