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Cardboard Box Hack

Way back in October when we thought we had sold the house, we (my Sweet Husband actually) started packing our belongings.  We He were was about 80% packed when the buyer backed out (!@%$%$@!!) and we were left with unpacking those boxes, which resulted in a shitload of empty flattened boxes.  At this same time we had sold off a bed resulting  in a mostly empty guest room.  Empty except for all of those boxes.

After the sale fell through we decided to get through the holidays and then look at putting the house back on the market come January. Sure we could have left 80% of our stuff packed, but we kind of like to use it.   As we all know, a house either shows well empty of everything, which is not an option for us, since we do live here, or decorated/staged with a full range of furniture.  Another option was to simply close off the one room full of boxes, not letting anyone in OR we could transform it into THIS:

 cardboard bed 1

Don’t believe me? Check out that sweet night stand.  It’s fake too.  A flattened box on two stools covered with a small table cloth….genius!

carboard bed 2

Still not convinced?  We think this is a really good use of random outdoor furniture cushions, plastic containers and bedding.  cardboard bed 3

I’ve been fooled a couple of times myself.  I started to sit down to put my shoes one day and had to stop myself in mid plop.  I think I even saw a cat indentation a day or so ago.  The lesson here is, if you have a unhealthy love of cardboard boxes, you could adorn your house with cardboard furniture or at the very least, build a fort for the grand kids, kids or cats.